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Oct. 8, 2022

Nightingales (17:00) for two violins and orchestra, 

Featuring Eleanor Bartsch, Ariana Kim and the UWSO with Oriol Sans conducting.

Projects, premieres, works, performances with 2023 Collage New Music, Atlanta Symphony Principal harpist Elizabeth rely Johnson, Earplay, Spektral Quartet Bernard Rands Effect, PANdemonium4, Eleanor and Alice Bartsch with the UW and Dubuque Symphonies, Triopolis, Vocal Ensemble Artemisia, Cabaret of Shadows with Musiqa in Houston, Hawk's Nest Northwestern Sax Ensemble and the Black Oak Ensemble.

In 2023/ 2024 premieres with Drew Whiting, Matthew Koester,

text settings with Duo Cortona. Planned works include new pieces for Cantori - New York and for baritone Stephen Salters.


New Sax work for Drew Whiting

October 2023

Oct. 1/2, 2022

Nightingales (17:00) for two violins and orchestra, 

Featuring Eleanor Bartsch, Ariana Kim and the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra. William Intrilligator, Directing.

Excerpts from Artemisia performed at the American Academy of Arts and Letter, New York.

October 2023

Rapture with Thirsty Ears Wurtz-Berger Duo

August 5, 2023

May 18, 2023

April 29, 2023

April 23, 2023

Chicago Classical Reader review of Black Oak Ensemble

"The Black Oak Ensemble demonstrated their bona fides in Laura Schwendinger’s una brevissima canzone senza parole, a short work adapted from her string quartet una brevecanzone senza parole. The trio upholstered the piece’s melancholic clusters chords with velvet sonority, making sensitive adjustments in timbral character as Pederzoli’s mournful viola incantations emerged and re-submerged into the texture."

Una Bevissimo Canzone Senza Parole, for string trio

BLACK OAK Ensemble at Epiphany Arts space,

with C3.

A Concerto for  piano, based on Second Sight

Chicago Composer's Orchestra

Christopher Taylor, piano

Fluorescenza, Matt Haimovitz's Primavera project at BargeMusic in Brooklyn, NY.


Feb. 25, 2023

Second Sight for Elizabeth Remy Johnson, Principal Harp, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra 

Emory University Orchestra at 100.

Feb. 16, 2023

Hawk's Nest,  new saxophone ensemble work for Taimur Sullivan's NU Sax Ensemble at

Northwestern University, Evanston IL.

Feb. 2, 2023

Conor Nelson performs Aurora with Christopher Taylor and at other concerts in Spring 2023

Jan. 15, 2023

Collage New Music, Brushstrokes 

Oct. 1-2, 2022

Musiqa - Cabaret of Shadows - Photographer Lynn Lane - Hi Res-122.jpg

Sept., 2022

August, 2022

May, 2022

Sept. 27-28, 2022

Nightingales for Eleanor and Alice Bartsch

Dubuque Symphony Orchestra, and UW Symphony Orchestra

Bogliasco FoundationFellowship and residency 

Five Friends Guest Composer, Indiana University

Sinfonietta performed

Copland House award and residency 

Visby, Composers Centre Fellowship, Sweden

Currently playing...

VII. Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer, by Gustav Klimt from

ARTIST'S MUSE, with Chameleon Arts Ensemble

by Laura Schwendinger

Adele Bloch Bauer, Lady in Gold from Artist's Muse

March 7

March 14

April 2

April 15


Spektral Quartet, Una Breve Canzona Senza Parole

Bernard Rands Effect


Constellations, Chicago

Madison, WI

Southern IL Univ.

The Bernard Rands Effect, Contellation Chicago

UW Madison, Mead Witter Hall.

On tour  (Michigan etc.)

Other projects Recent CD release and

upcoming or in process

March 5, 7 2021

Cabaret of Shadows - A Fromm Foundation Comission

and a chamber opera for Musiqa, about after hours club spaces in Paris at the Belle époque conception collaboration with lighting artist Leni Schwendinger and text by Ginger Strand a 2020 Fromm Foundation Commission awardee

March 1, 2 2022

The Cygnus Ensemble has recorded Footfalls from the acclaimed

"Sounding Beckett" Series 

Matt Haimovitz Cello, Primavera Project,

Primavera I: The Wind

Fluorenscenza  on Oxingale Records.

Over the Misty Mountains with oboist Aaron Hill on CD Solitary Discourse

Durward Ensemble, ECLIPSE

On CD Daughters of Earth

CDS forthcoming on Albany featuring solo piano works

with Christopher Taylor

The Violinists in My Life with Miranda Cuckson and

Eleanor Bartsch

Flute and piano literature with Christina Jennings and

Blair Mcmillan

Kay Ryan Songs featuring Mezzo Patricia Green,

cellist Leonardo Altino and pianist Chrsitopher Taylor

Aug. 4/6, 2021

Tour 2022

July. 20, 2021

Nine Muses, PANdemonium4 presented by the Johnstone Fund for New Music, has been rescheduled. Vanderelli Room's outdoor space with a rain date of Tuesday, August 3 at 7:00 PM

Trace Johnson Cello, playing ALL THE PRETTY HORSES, Madison Arts + Literature Laboratory, Madison WI

Madison New Music Festival

All the Pretty Little Horses (2018) - Laura Schwendinger Trace Johnson, Cello October, 2020

Release date Nov. 2021

April 30, 2021

New Music Chicago  Presents C3 at Nevermore

7/20 7:30pm 


March 15, 2021

ARTEMISIA vocal ensemble, with Chicago Composers Consortium. STARS (premiere) and All Those That Love You by Laura Schwendinger

Feb. 21, 2021


Jan. 22, 2021

Trace Johnson Cello, playing ALL THE PRETTY HORSES, Madison Arts + Literature Laboratory, Madison WI

Love Sonnets, Baker & Baker presents

Duo Cortona

Friday, January 22 | 7:00 – 8:30 p.m | YouTube

F E A T U R E D  N E W S  A N D  R E V I E W S
COVER_ Daughters of the Earth.jpg

January, 2021

Recording session in Marfa TX of Primavera Trasformata for Cello Solo, A Primavera Project Commission from Matt Haimovitz

August 8, 2020

to be


Nonet, Aspen Music Festival.

Tim Weiss-Director, Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, Aspen Music Festival and School 

Laura at MacDowell

collage for C3 Rands  concert.jpg
Collage group close ups.jpg

David Hoose, Joan Tower, Scott Lindroth, Marjorie Merryman and Laura Schwendinger

Collage Concert Jan. 15, 2023

March 2022 The Rands Effect, Spektral at


Aspen Music Festival 2020 Virtual Season Seminar

I: Uncommon Women of Note

starts at 7:01

This roundtable discussion focused on the history and currency of the realities facing women composers.

Chaired by Julia Wolfe, the intergenerational participants reflect on their shared heritage as female composers—a lineage in which they are defining members.

Participating composers include Tania León, Missy Mazzoli, and Laura Schwendinger. Joseph Pfender moderates. There will be the opportunity for audience questions through the chat function.

  • Julia Wolfe 

  • Zosha Di Castri

  • Tania León

  • Missy Mazzoli 

  • Jessie Montgomery

  • Laura Schwendinger

  • Joan Tower

  • Joseph Pfender

    • moderator

Staging Artemisia

The artist's life in performance

Discover how Artemisia's story has been told in opera and theatre

Friday, 6 November 2020

6 - 7.15 pm BST; Available online only

Featuring Billy Barrett and Ellice Stevens, co-founders of multimedia performance company Breach, whose play 'It’s True, It’s True, It’s True' is a gripping dramatisation of the 1612 rape trial brought by Artemisia. Also participating are composer Laura Schwendinger and librettist Ginger Strand, whose opera, 'Artemisia', produced in New York and San Francisco, is a riveting portrayal of the artist’s story. Both productions will be made available to attendees following the event.

Also in the news in the UK


_Laura B&W EDIT close crop.jpg


Worthy new music by Chicago composers receives uneven advocacy at Epiphany

Fri May 19, 2023 at 11:45 am

By Landon Hegedus


The Black Oak Ensemble demonstrated their bona fides in Laura Schwendinger’s una brevissima canzone senza parole, a short work adapted from her string quartet una breve canzone senza parole. The trio upholstered the piece’s melancholic clusters chords with velvet sonority, making sensitive adjustments in timbral character as Pederzoli’s mournful viola incantations emerged and re-submerged into the texture.

The Boston Musical Intelligencer

JANUARY 17, 2023

in: reviews

Expert New Music Advocacy

by Mark DeVoto

About 60 people braved the mushy falling snow on Sunday night to hear Collage New Music’s generally loud but satisfying delivery of four well-wrought and likable works in the relatively small Killian Hall at MIT. The four composers discussed their works beforehand.

Laura Schwendinger’s Brushstrokes led off. The titles of the seven short movements include some painting terms, including “Contrapposto,” which the composer described as “a counterpoint of textures.” This meant a lot of octaves and scales, and figures in paired instruments, setting the tone for ff accents; “Mobile” and “Kinetic Sculpture” responded with bunches and sudden bursts, especially in the upper register (sometimes the cello soared above the treble clef). Softer textures prevailed in the bell chords of no. 5, “Pointillism,” and no. 6, “Sfumato,” trills and tremolos, flute and violin, with brushed cymbal almost suggesting a quiet dance hall. The concluding movement, “Collage” [no connection to the hosting ensemble], brought back the furious octaves of “Contrapposto” with more tremolos and a tango beat, for a short wrapup.

January, 2021 Recording session with Matt Haimovitz, Fluorescenza

in Marfa, TX for the Primaveranzia, LLC Released on Oxingale    

Primavera: The Wind

Matt's recording session zoom window.jpg

ARTEMISIA and Left Coast Awarded $20,000 from then NEA, through the community engagement program.

ASPEN roundtable Hi res 5.jpg

The Floating Lounge

C3 Composers Martha Horst and

Laura Schwendinger with the Spektral Quartet

Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 7:30 PM 8:30 PM, Zoom


and New Yorker & reviewed in the NY Times

New York Times Review!

“Artemisia” lasts just 80 minutes, but fits in big themes set to

music of quivering intensity. The story of the rape is there,

blended with Gentileschi’s unbearably compassionate painting

of the biblical character Susanna, who was ogled and shamed

in her bath. But larger questions of idea and form, image and projection, sight and gaze also find nuanced and intelligent treatment." CORINNA da FONSECA-WOLLHEIM

Video at:

From San Francisco Classical Voice,
"Left Coast Chamber Ensemble Proves That Great Opera Needn’t Be Grand"

World premiere of Chamber Version by Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, June 3, 2019

    -"Laura Schwendinger's Artemisia, on the other hand, is sumptuous on every level...Schwendinger’s score is striking. Often, it’s the little things, like the intoning of ‘Susanna’: the stressed syllable rising before the terminal fall, a nagging presence grudgingly accepted. Or the resolutions of the diminished fourths in Tommaso’s aria, a breathtaking piece of worry and longing...Most memorably, the music underscores Artemisia’s deteriorating vision. Tender, high-pitched glimmers shift so as to be out of reach. The shadows are flat-sounding chords: impressionistic, but with a distinctly contemporary sensibility.”

- By Rebecca Wishnia; Link to review

March 28, 31

April 25, 2020

to be


Tripolis; This Flood of Stillness, University of North Texas- College of Music - Musical Arts Series at Southeastern Oklahoma ( Recital Hall ), Chamber Music International Season Fundraising Concert

April 18, 2020

to be


March 16, 2020

For Paris, Wisconsin Chamber Choir Music She Wrote

Guest Speaker, Forum series at Juilliard School

March 1, 2020

Feb 16, 2020

Jan. 28, 2020

Nine Muses premiered by

PANdemonium4 at Otterbein University

and University of Kentucky

with Lindsey Goodman

Jan. 4, 2020

Constellations for flute and percussion. SF Conservatory, Kick-Off Weekend | New Music Ensemble. Nicole Paiement, Director.


SAN FRANCISCO, Z Space, 450 Florida St, San Francisco, Saturday, June 1/ 2, 2019

Left Coast Chamber Ensemble Proves That Great Opera Needn’t Be Grand

By Rebecca Wishnia , June 3, 2019 

- Left Coast Chamber Ensemble

World premiere of chamber version


With a libretto by Ginger Strand, Featuring: Artemisia: Bethany Cofland; Tomasso: Kyle Stegall; Susanna: Marnie Breckenridge; Abra/Tuzia: Nikki Einfeld ; Jonathan Smucker and Igor Vieira; Elder 1/ Tassi, Elder 2/ Cosimo, Matilda Hofman, conductor

ARTEMISIA. An opera of passion, betrayal and art in 17th cent Italy. Libretto by Ginger Strand

Trinity Wall Street Novus ( premiere), 

Left Coast Ensemble world premiere (new chamber version), Center for Contemporary Opera (60 min preview with piano)


Augusta Caso - Artemisia

Heather Buck - Susanna/ Abra

Oliver Mercer – Agostino Tassi/Elder 1
Christopher Burchett – Cosimo di Medici/Elder 2
Brian Giebler – Tomasso/Occulist
NOVUS NY; Lidiya Yankovskaya, conductor; Christopher Alden, stage director

Yeti, Cupacabra and Nessy from Creature Quartet

8th Annual Caroga Lake Music Festival based in Caroga Lake, NY

Aaron Hill will be touring with Over the Misty Mountains to Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. He will be playing recitals.  I'll be at Southern Miss 3/18, Troy University 3/19-20, UGA 3/22, and spending a day at the Atlanta Music Project 3/23.

June 1, 2  2019

Sept. 28, 2019

March 2, 5  2019

Feb. 8, 2020

Cortona Duo, Love Sonnets

Eastman School, Rochester

Feb. 3, 2020

Aug 30,


Cortona Duo, Love Sonnets

Thrive Music, Baltimore

March 18


22 2019


March 24


Brescia Italy,High Wire Acts

dèdalo ensemble
flute Daniela Cima, clarinet Nicola Zuccalà, violins Giacomo Invernizzi and Daniele Richiedei,viola Carlo Costalbano, cello Matteo Zurletti, piano Elena Pasotti
Vittorio Parisi director

Heather Buck – Susanna; Oliver Mercer –
Tassi in Trinity Wall Street NOVUS production

"Artemisia, on the other hand, is sumptuous on every level...Schwendinger’s score is striking."

-SF Classical Voice

Artemisia lasts just 80 minutes, but fits in big

themes set to music of quivering intensity"

- NY Times


Trinity Wall Street workshop of Artemisia with Marnie Breckenridge
Left Coast Ensemble in rehearsals with Marnie Breckenridge, Bethany Cofland and Matilda Hofman


 “an acute sonic imagination and sure command of craft” 

 -Chicago Tribune

"darkly attractive, artful and moving…"   -NY Times

“it evokes a sense of serene  mystery

and infinite beauty” -Fanfare



Richard Troxell and Augusta Caso in

rehearsal for Artemisia with Trinity Wall Street


Sara Jobin, Director, Kevin Johnson-Cosimo

Daniel Folz-Morrison-Tassi, Jennifer Sgroe

Rehearsals for Nov 3. performance at

Symphony Space

CCO Artemisia -side by side_edited.jpg


Center for Contemporary Opera preview, Artemisia


Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre, Saturday November 3rd, 2018

2537 Broadway at 95th Street

Purchase Tickets Here

By Laura Elise Schwendinger, With Libretto by Ginger Strand

Conductor Sara Jobin, Stage Director Fred Ambrose

Pianist Jerome Tan


Artemisia Augusta Caso

Tommaso Blake Friedman

Susanna Jennifer Sgroe

Abra/Tuzia Anastasiya Roytman

Elder 1 Daniel Folz-Morrison

Elder 2 Kevin Johnson

Adam Keunzal plays Aurora


Atlantic Center Master residency

Feb 24


UW Iowa, Concert to celebrate Olly Wilson

Schwendinger Sinfonietta and more

Feb 12 2019

Far Over the Misty Mountains,

Aaron Hill's UNR Oboe Recital

Feb 10 2019

High Wire Act

Collage New Music, Boston with Lash, Shepard,

Park and David Rakowski's music,

Jan 28


Phillip Bush, Ari Streisfeld, Rachel Calloway Streisfeld, and Claire Bryant, brilliant musicians all, are on this show. Music by Laura Elise Schwendinger, Caroline Shaw, Alvin Singleton, Gabriela Lena Frank, Philip Glass, \Kamala Sankaram, and Judith Weir. At the Columbia Museum of Art.
















Laura, JACK Quartet, Christopher Taylor and Jamie Van Eyck at Oktaven Studios during recording session of Creature Quartet

JACK named Ensemble of the year by Musical America. Laura's CD mentioned in Strings magazine

Laura signs exclusive publishing catalog contract with Keiser Southern

LKMP Catalogue cover.jpg

Jan 26


All the Pretty Little Horses,

Ensemble 4 These Times, San Francisco

Jan 25-27




CHAI based in Chicago are dedicated to performing substantial and approachable programs of mixed vocal and instrumental chamber music. Our repertoire runs the gamut, ranging from beloved classics to newly commissioned works, with many hidden gems

Jan 25th-27th

Jan 20


Eclipse, Durward Music, Coe College, Iowa

Dec 2


Adam Kuenzel, Minnesota Orchestra Principal Flutist, Minnesota Orchestra

JOYA Conert Series, featuring music of Poulenc, Martinu and Schwendinger (Aurora). Zion Lutheran Church. Anoka, MN

Nov 18


Faculty Recital of Amy I-Lin Cheng, piano

University of Michigan

Earl V. Moore Building - Britton Recital Hall

Repertoire for this evening’s recital will be Mozart’s Fantasy in C Minor, K. 396, Schumann’s Fantasy in C Major, Op. 17, Laura Schwendinger’s Van Gogh Nocturnes for Solo Piano (2008), and Debussy’s Petite Suite for Piano Four Hands with Hyejin Cho, piano.

Nov 2


Center for Contemporary Opera, excerpt

from Artemisia, Sara Jobin, conductor

Symphony Space, NY

Laura, Matt Madden, and Tracie Morris, Master Artists, Atlantic Center for the Arts, Residency #170. July 2018

Laura receives MacDowell and Yaddo fellowships for

Summer 2020, 2018 (an eleven time awardee)


84 Artists Awarded MacDowell Fellowships for Summer Residencies


Press Release – April 23, 2018

Press Releases Artist News Fellowships

The MacDowell Colony has awarded fellowships to 84 artists from 18 states and six countries, from Colorado to Virginia and from Portugal to Nigeria. They are working in seven disciplines, and 43 percent identify as culturally diverse while 56 percent are women. The fellowships are for upcoming summer residencies at one of the nation’s leading contemporary arts organizations.

The incoming group of MacDowell Fellows includes Pulitzer Prize-winning author Andrew Sean Greer, poet Monica Youn, composers Mark Dresser, Laura Schwendinger, and Kate Soper, performance artist John Kelly, playwrights Brian Selznick and Rebecca Taichman,

filmmakers João Rui Guerra da Mata and João Pedro Rodrigues, and visual artists Nayland Blake, Tod Lippy, and Mary Lum.


Albany 1/1/18

JACK is Musical America's Ensemble of the year!



     "Gestural and yet powerfully organized, Schwendinger’s voice is highly individual. The performance by the JACK Quartet is impeccable, and as a

studio recording it is technically more secure than the live Vimeo video. The sheer intensity of both music and performance thereof is spellbinding, as if the passion of the composer for her subject shines through like a light."

-Colin Clarke-



On Albany Records Youtube Channel

Excerpt on Vimeo of Animated Version, premiere, featuring animations by

Pauline Gagniarre;

Oct 27


Michael Strauss Violist, performs

FOR PARIS at University of Indianapolis

FOR PARIS at Viola Day with Michael Strauss - University of Indianapolis Indianapolis IN +

Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center

Oct 20


Violinist in My Life, Eleanor Bartsch and Larry Axelrod, Chicago Composer's Consortium, Chicago

Sept 23


May 17

May 6 2018

April 3


Three Movements for solo viola, with Kurt Rohde's

New viola works

May 17 – UC Davis, 12 noon

May 18 – Center for New Music, 7pm

Dates in April TBA in Georgia




May 4


Co-winners of the 2018 University of Washington, Strings and Piano Chamber Competition, Daisha—perform music by Beethoven, Schwendinger, and Brahms in the year-end UW performance by this talented group of undergraduates coached by faculty cellist Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir- UW Seattle


Beethoven: Piano Trio in C Minor, Op. 1 No. 3; Schwendinger: C'e la Luna Questa Sera?; Brahms: Piano Trio in B Major, Op. 8;

March 23


March 16


“Sounding Beckett” The Intersection of Music and Drama, featuring the Cygnus Ensemble in Footfalls

A two-day event focused on music inspired by the playwright, Samuel Beckett. Featuring a concert by New York’s Cygnus Ensemble, instrumental master classes, a lecture and panel discussion with Patricia Boyette, UW-Madison professor of theatre & drama, and a reading/workshop of student composers’ pieces.

March 10


The Cortona Duo, UW Madison

Love Sonnets

Feb 27 2018

"Rapture", Joshua Gordon and Randy Hodgkinson at Brandeis with an eclectic program: Farrenc, Schuller and Kodály

Aurora, a NFA Young Artist Competition Commission

performed 7 times at The National Flute Association

National Convention!

Premiered by Adam Kuenzel, principal flute of the Minnesota Orchestra, and

semifinalists: Alison Fierst, Victor Wang,

Hannah Leffler, Pauline Jung and Daniel Gallagher

Available through Presser

Reviews, May 21, 2017

Boston Music Intelligencer For Artist's Muse, by Leon Golub

Chameleon Paints With Music

"The Artist’s Muse for flute, clarinet, cello, piano and percussion, a world premiere Koussevitsky Commission from Laura Elise Schwendinger, followed. Without the mediation of words, the composer proceeded directly to the inspiration behind the painter’s work, bringing to life the women behind seven famous masterpieces, as though honoring but also contesting the visual surface. Throughout, Boldin’s flute served beautifully as the ongoing voice of the perennial muse, the elusive “Other” constructed

by the gaze of male painters. A short introduction took us out of linear time, William Manley’s percussion especially effective in plunging us into vanished realms, from the enigmatic interiority of a 15th-century Young Girl by Petrus Christus, to the concluding gold-patterned swirl of Klimt’s Adele Bloch-Bauer. Picasso’s Jacqueline appeared with all

of her modernist angst, Cézanne’s wife moved bodily in a poignant waltz, Leonardo’s Cecilia Gallerani stroked her elegant carnivorous ermine, and Vermeer’s Girl with a Pitcher appeared with staccatos in the piano and pizzicatos in the strings, bathed in the light of percussion as she poured her milk. With a sudden twist of waltz, so to speak, the mood darkened as the eternal muse took the form of Sargent’s Madame X, cosmopolitan and scandalous, high-priestess of intoxication and city lights, followed in conclusion by her more vulnerable sister, gold-shimmering Adele Bloch-Bauer, vestal and victim, muse and mourner. Schwendinger’s delightful piece effectively transformed my own gaze on the Artist’s Muse by introducing a competing muse of flesh and bone, hardship and failure, grievance and glory, behind the painter’s still-life effigy."


“The chamber works grouped together on this captivating disc show off Laura Elise Schwendinger’s acute ear for unusual textures. In these works, scored for solo violin; nonet; violin and guitar; or a quintet of flute, piano and strings, she sketches musical short stories of somnambulant fragility and purpose. The color palette she draws from these modest forces is v

aried and expressive — and brilliantly rendered by a fine roster of performers." (Fonseca-Wollheim), The New York Times

“This was shrewd composing, the genuine article. Onto the 'season's best list' it goes.” (Richard Buell), The Boston Globe

Mead Witter School of Music Colloquium Series

Laura Schwendinger presents "Artemisia: an opera of passion, betrayal and art in 17th century Italy"September 29, 2017

The UW-Madison School of Music Colloquium Series meets on select Fridays, 4:00-5:30pm, during fall and spring semesters. Speakers come from within the School of Music, the larger campus community, as well as from other academic institutions and musically-related organizations throughout the United States. All Colloquia are free and open to the public. This Colloquium Series is funded by the UW-Madison School of Music and organized by the School of Music Colloquium Committee


1-3, 2018

Featured Composer at Washington State University's Festival of Contemporary Art Music (FOCAM),

School of Music at College of Arts

Presenting lectures, masterclasses, coaching, and her music to

be featured on the final dedicated evening concert

Feb 15


Cygnus plays Schwendinger's Beckett

work "Footfalls" at Sarah Lawrence

Records Schwendinger, Biscardi

Feb 4


Over the Misty Mountains for solo oboe,

US Premiere with Aaron Hill, UW-Madison
Thursday, February 15, 2018

Jan 30


Juan Pechuan Ramirez (prinicipal oboe of Deutsche Oper, Berlin) premieres

Over the Misty Mountains for solo oboe,

work dedicatee; February  4, Valencia Spain, Sala Matisse, València

Dec 5


Duward Music Ensemble, Eclipse for large mixed Ensemble. ISU,Normal

Nov 19 2017

Aviary (14:00)  Western Percussion Ensemble

Anthony DiSanza, director.(2015) or the songs of imaginary birds, afterhours

Nov 11, 12


Oct 9


Oct 3


Taos Chamber Music Group,

Rumor for flute and cello

Harwood Museum of Art in Taos

Duo Cortona

Ari Streisfeld, Rachel Calloway-

Love Sonnets, settings of Shakespeare; University of South Carolina


Duo Cortona

Ari Streisfeld, Rachel Calloway

Love Sonnets, settings of Shakespeare

College of Charleston

Duo Cortona-

Ari Streisfeld, Rachel Calloway

Love Sonnets, settings of Shakespeare

College Hall, New Music New College

Sarasota Florida

Laura circa 1997:2003.jpg


Aurora for flute and piano, an NFA 2017 Young Artist Commission

Hildegarde Publication, Available through Presser

Articles in CAP Times

Supported by The Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation


The most recent round of Discovery Grants attracted 68 applicants, and an independent adjudication panel selected seven composers to receive a total of $100,000.

The recipients are Julia Adolphe, Mary Ellen Childs for On Beyond, Emily Doolittle, Nkeiru Okoye , Rene Orth, Elena Ruehr and Laura Elise Schwendinger for Artemisia. The third round of Discovery Grants to be awarded since the program’s inception.

Artemisia is a co-commission from Trinity Wall Street Novus,

NY and the Left Coast Ensemble, SF.


At WFMT Chicago

USF Chamber Music Recital

Guest Artist Patricia Green, Mezzo- soprano, collaborates with Resident Artists violinist Carolyn Stuart, cellist Scott Kluksdahl, and pianist Svetozar Ivanov featuring works by Laura Schwendinger

Irish Composition Summer School 2016

Laura Elise Schwendinger as Guest Director, who will present seminars on her own work, as well as giving individual tutorials to all students. Martin O'Leary and Gráinne Mulvey will give daily guidance and lectures. Our performers are the Robinson Panoramic Quartet.